Saniflo Extension Pipe

Saniflo Extension Pipe
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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 030

This is the most recommended upgrade you can add to your order, this pipe allow you to conceal the pump behind the wall.  If you can configure your new bathroom to hide the pump then absolutly do it.

The 18” Extension Pipe was designed with the idea to reduce time when installing the Saniflo macerators.  It has an inner gasket which connects to the rear spigot of the Saniflo toilet without any difficulty. Its sealed connection keeps water from seeping out once the toilet is flushed.

The ease of installation is the reason why installers recommend the Extension Pipe for any Saniflo installation. When using the Extension Pipe, the toilet bowl should be raised 3/8 inch for additional gravity flow toward the Saniflo macerator box.

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