Saniflo Turboflush M300 Round Kit

Saniflo Turboflush M300 Round Kit
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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: M300-003-005

This Kit Includes:

  • Saniflo Turboflush M300 Full Bathroom Macerating Pump
  • Round Toilet Bowl and Tank Kit
  • Free Saniflo Slow Close Seat


This is the best deal in the business right now, stock is limited to do not hesitate!   The M300 is a full bathroom pump capable of handling the toilet, the hand sink and a shower or tub. If you are considering the Saniplus, save the money and go with the M300. So what are the real differences?   Physically the pumps are slightly different; the Saniplus has 2" inlets on the bottom sides while the M300 has 1.5" that is probably the most significant difference (Simply use different inlet piping). The Turboflush M300 physically measures about 4" smaller in width than the Saniplus and it has a more tapered shape. The couplings, gaskets etc are all the same.  The things that really matter are actually identical, same HP rating .5 hp, same discharge rate 17gal/min and pumping capability of 15ft vertically and 150ft horizontally!  We know you will see marketing material stating the M300 is rated to 12 feet vertically but when we found out the pumps were identical we confirmed with the techs at Saniflo that they are actually more capable then what they communicated in the marketing material for the Turboflush brand.

Check out the photos of the M300, if you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call. 

 This is a great opportunity, if you are shopping for a Saniplus you should act quickly as qty’s are limited and we will sell though stock quickly.” 


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Price $930.00